European Heath Insurance Card (EHIC) Blog

Having an European Health Insurance Card when traveling in the european economic area helps you be covered from certain level of medication expenses. You can get state medical care when you are traveling in the european area and if you are the having a valid EHIC card with you.

This blog will help you with all you need to know about healthcare in UK and what you need to know as a UK citizen.

Ehic: Should you get one before

traveling to European Union as UK citizen?

Following UK Brexit decision in June 23 2016, many British business and holiday travelers have been left skeptical as to whether it is worthwhile choice to obtain an EHIC card when travelling across European Union states.

The EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) is an insurance card provided to all European Union (EU) citizens that allow ill or accident victims to receive equal and necessary medical treatment from fellow EU member states.  The idea behind this is to ensure that all EU citizens receive medical care from wherever they are, irrespective of their parent state.

If you are therefore still indecisive on whether or not to acquire the EHIC Card, then here is more information for you:

No Changes after Brexit

Despite the EU referendum and Brexit decision, there have been no revised changes in the Issuance of the European Health Insurance Card. EHIC renewal services are continuing as normal. This means you can go ahead and apply for the card, and thus enjoy all the medical benefits that come with it.

Benefits of EHIC Card

With a valid EHIC card you can enjoy a lot of medical services:

For instance when you get sick while on a temporarily visit in one of the neighboring EU states, the EIC Card allows in some states, to receive state healthcare services for free or at a minimal cost. That can be an excellent option for you as you may find your travelling insurance cards ineligible for use when trying to access vital medical services; treatments of chronic and pre- medical conditions is a further benefit you can enjoy with the EHIC card.

Secondly, illness and accident are not the only prequalification’s for using the EHIC card.  If you are pregnant you can use the card to further access routine maternity services e.g. checkups. In cases where you suddenly go into labor pains, then the EHIC will also cater for the medical expenses of you as the mother and your new born baby.   The only caution here is that you will not enjoy EHIC optimal services if it is revealed that you made your travel arrangements with a planned view of giving birth in your chosen state of visit.

As Kidney patients, you are as well not left out as the EHIC covers for kidney dialysis services. The only prerequisite to access this service is to book for the treatment in a general hospital prior to arrival in your EU destination.

Down Sides of EHIC

Besides assisting you to access the above mentioned services across the EU states and Britain, having an EHIC card also has its down sides

At the fore, despite covering patient medical services for its patients in General hospitals, regulations make it impossible for EHIC to provide services for patients in private hospitals. This means you will have to fully settle your own medical bills if you admit yourself in a private hospital.

EHIC card can only be used if it is among the countries listed on the EU list in your country. Depending on your present State, Dental treatment services are also not part of the EHIC package.

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As a UK Citizen, having an EHIC card or not having one can determine the joy of your overall travel experience. It can make you enjoy your holiday or not. What is important is to fully research on the merits and demerits of the card before applying for it. You can read about the EHIC can on Facbook at