Easy Ways to Burn Unwanted Calories and Stay Fit

Staying fit is one of the hardest things especially if you are already overweight. Burning down calories is not an easy task; you need to exercise and adopt healthy eating habits. However, there are different ways one can lose fat without exercising and in a natural way. Losing weight is like an art, you have to know the dos and don’ts that will be associated with a good body.

Below are a few easy steps one can follow to burn unwanted calories in their body;

  • Adopt good eating habits; good eating habits do not just involve eating healthy. Eating fatty meals is not a bad idea once in a while. However, the trick lies in balancing between taking enough, and overeating. Learn to enjoy the meal you are having in a pleasurable way rather that gobbling it all in the name of hunger. Research shows that food is well digested when eaten in a relaxed mood; it promotes parasympathetic and digestive activities.
  • Drink a lot of water; it has been known that almost 60% of people respond to their thirst as hunger. Drinking a lot of water, 8 glasses a day, helps your body in a lot of ways. When fat is burned through unnecessary exercise and activities, the body needs water to regenerate itself. You can pick up a habit of consuming two glasses of water before eating. This habit will help you consume fewer calories in a meal than otherwise.
  • Intake of fruits. Changing your eating habit cannot be an easy task. Consuming healthy foods however, enables you not only to stay healthy but to burn fewer calories as well. Healthy meals and fruits give you strength and add vitamins to your body. Put away your weekly ritual of fatty food eating and adjust to salads, vegetables and fruits.
  • Reminders; research shows that most people who have made it in losing fat had friends and family members that kept reminding them on what to eat. Your friends can text you or call you to remind you of what to eat. This is a motivation tactic that works for almost 80% of the people that want to lose weight. You can form groups of clubs of likeminded friends that want to eat healthy and stay fit.
  • Adopt the Japanese way of eating; Japanese have a saying that one has to eat until they are 80% full. Don’t always eat until you’re so full. If you adopt this in real life, you are able to burn almost 300 calories in a meal.


Written by Jacobs Anderson